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27 December 2011

Eating During The Festive Seasons - What I Think

One thing I notice during any festive seasons on fitness magazines, blogs is that, they have advice on how to eat, what to eat and what not to eat during the festive seasons to avoid weight gain.

For me, to write about eating during the holiday and festive seasons' weight gain is pretty much pointless.

Let me quote an unknown author; People are so worries about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worries about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.

19 December 2011

Throw The Weighing Machine Away, Use The Measuring Tape Instead

Remember the take home message from this blog post?

Engage on healthy weight management and not quick fix. The weighing scale numbers don't mean much, choose to reduce the number on your waist and hip instead. Above all, focus on your body composition.

For those who are more visual and need a picture to understand the above statement, look below.

02 December 2011

No, I Don't Want You to Do Any Sit-up(s) !

Why I don't see any Sit-up(s) on my programme? I want a flat tummy! This is not an unusual question and statement I always get from my new clients. I'll explain why. Let me first explain the myth of spot reduction.

30 November 2011

Skinny females ... ?

I can't help but to post the caption and photo below after seeing Scott Sonnon posted on his facebook page.

ATHLETIC VS SKINNY: When trying to lose weight, you mean you want the body to lose fat. There's no reason to lose weight unless you're competing in a weight classed sport. To reduce fat, you MUST re-educate the body's ability to burn fat as the main source of fuel. When you burn fat, you don't get hungry and you don't crave: the KEY to permanent body composition change. Unfortunately, most "weight loss" programs temporarily starve off weight (including muscle) by merely depriving calories. 99% have been proven failures, for the body hasn't converted to a fat burning fuel source, and the "weight" returns when the cravings, and the "diet" ends. Ask, HOW will these dietary changes help my body restore its fat burning natural state? - Scott Sonnon 

10 November 2011

Why I Choose to Avoid Sugar ?

In my previous post I shared about my experience on how good I feel after starting to avoid sugar in a conscious manner. This post entry will explain the effects of sugar.

16 October 2011

Consciously Avoiding Sugar

It started as an experiment for my own body, and I've been avoiding sugar consciously since May this year. Refined sugar to be exact. Basically what I do is not to add a single drop of sugar into my coffee, tea and any other food that I prepare myself. That includes no brown sugar.

And the results has been great, I feel more energetic than I was before.

08 October 2011

Recognition and Accreditation in the Fitness Industry

I randomly posted this photo on my facebook page after realizing that my first fitness qualification as a Certified Fitness Trainer from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) was awarded on 30th August 2008, coincidentally, my Certified Personal Trainer from the Athletic Certification & Training Commision (ACT) was awarded on 30th August 2011. Same date, just different years. A few private message came later asking if ACT is recognized?

27 September 2011

Working on Final Year Project - Update II

I'm glad to tell you that my final year project progress has been going very smoothly, credit goes to my supervisor who has been giving all the necessary guidance and pointers to me. My project proposal was given the approval in August, with slight change on research title, with " Health Related Fitness Knowledge and Physical Activity Frequency among Malaysian Undergraduates " as the final title.

Pilot study has been conducted for the past 2 weeks and the data was presented this morning, it shows a good reliability analysis reading at 0.837 .

Thus I was given the green light to collect my data without the need to amend my instrument. The real data collection begins NOW with YOU.

If you meet the 3 criteria below, I really need you to be part of my research. It would take up less than 10 minutes to complete 36 questions related to health and fitness.

  • a Malaysian undergraduate who is studying for your first bachelor's degree, diploma or certificate.
  • Aged between 18 to 35 years old.
  • Have not taken or currently not taking any Sports Science, Exercise or Fitness courses prior to this.

Please write me an email at GetFitWithJasonLee(at) if you are interested to be part of this research.

15 September 2011

Athletic Certification & Training Commision

I signed up to be a beta tester for Athletic Certification & Training Commision (ACT) when they first launched in September 2009. The ACT is relatively new in the fitness industry as an organization that provide opportunities to fitness enthusiast to be a Certified Personal Trainer. Above all, they provide their Personal Trainer course for free, on a Basic Plan. People have an option to upgrade their Basic Plan to a Pro Plan for a small fee of one time payment $65.

The Pro Plan include pre-recorded lectures, online lectures with live instructors, practice exams and many other benefit that are useful. You may click here to view and compare the Basic Plan and Pro Plan.

In case you are wondering what's the catch behind ACT offering free fitness certification, you may read them all here. You may also think, how good can ACT's course be in terms of education quality? Especially when it's offered for free (unless you upgrade to a Pro Plan), I'm sure you who is currently reading this would be skeptical. I admit, I was skeptical too.

02 August 2011

Exercise In Ramadhan: My Little Experience

Today is the second day of Ramadhan that started yesterday. I would like to wish all Muslim readers a blessed Ramadhan Mubarak ahead. In case you are not aware, the Ramadhan month is known as the holiest month for Muslims all over the world, where Muslims observes one of the 5 pillars, fasting or also known as Sawn.

Personally I've not fasted, neither I can stand fasting. I eat every 3-4 hours or else my body goes into Hypoglycemia mood.

Last year, I posted about exercising during Ramadhan, that was just theoretical and not from my personal experience.

Yesterday I decided to try experimenting not eating before training. Usually, I have my pre-workout meal 1 hour before training. What I did was stop eating after lunch at 1pm, and went to train with BootYcamp in the evening at 6:15pm. That is about 5 hours since my last meal.

My experience: The campers started with light jog interval with power walking. Bodyweights conditioning were implemented in between the run and walks. These routine are usually easy for me, and I'll consider them my warm up, however, training without pre-workout meal was different. Within 20 minutes into the training, I started feeling nausea and my body started to shiver. These are all signs of hypoglycemia kicking in. I was able to complete the day's session with the campers, just that in a uncomfortable manner. Not to forget, the fasting campers that went through the same routine. They fasted since their last sahur meal at 7am, did not give up neither they took the offer of lower repetition for fasting campers. They have my highest respect.

Theoretically, we know the science behind the changes in our body during fasting state, we know the science on what to do and not to do during fasting state, however experiencing it is something totally different (although it was just for 5 hours, but that is my personal limit when it comes to fasting).

After my experience yesterday, I will still advice you to read on exercising during Ramadhan that I wrote last year, same advice still applies to all.  

07 June 2011

Working on Final Year Project - Update

About 3 months ago I was talking about my final year project. The initial title was College Student's Understanding of Physical Activity Recommendation and Its Influence to Physical Activity Pattern. But after submitting my proposal in early April, I was told my research focus is a little haywire. That was after 4 months of work with a LITTLE guidance from my supervisor, I was told I need to come out with something new.

But after looking through my own work, I guess I have to admit that the research focus was not clear. The initial plan for data collection which was supposed to start last month did not materialize. After some discussion with my new supervisor yesterday, the new title will be Health-Related Fitness Knowledge and its Influence to Students' Physical Activity Frequency. It will be based on Icek Azjen's Theory of Planned Behavior as the theoretical framework.

Till then!

06 April 2011

We Should Not Exercise !!

.... says the slimming center.

The first time I ever heard that slimming centers were discouraging people from exercising was on a friend's facebook status update, reason given was it will make you put on weight. Not long later, a female friend of mine made a statement that " exercise can make you fat ". Obviously I did not hesitate to ask her where the hell she got that information from? Her reply : the slimming center.

Well, I'm not too surprised by such stupid recommendation by the slimming center. Why?

Because slimming center focuses on losing weight, not fat. Our body weight consist of weight from body fat, lean muscles, internal organs, bones and water. By exercising, especially resistance exercise, you are stimulating your muscles to potentially grow, which will then cause you to put on weight, but from muscle mass and not fat. Increasing your muscle mass, that also literally means melting away those fat more effectively.

You see, from my understanding, measurement taken before and after each treatment at slimming centers is due to lost of weight from water. You will see instant result on the weight scale, but how sustainable can that weight be? 

Yes, girls and ladies, forget about losing weight, focus on weight management and losing fat instead. Forget about slimming centers that promotes unhealthy weight lost. Hire a qualified fitness professional to guide you on healthy weight management at the same time benefit from the outcomes of physical fitness training.

Oh ok, wait. Girls don't want to look SO big and TOO muscular from resistance exercise right?

Look how sexy these ladies are :D

Take home message: 
Engage on healthy weight management and not quick fix. The weighing scale numbers don't mean much, choose to reduce the number on your waist and hip instead. Above all, focus on your body composition.

20 March 2011

Working on Final Year Project

I'm sure many of you noticed the inactivity of my blog since December 2010. Reason is because I'm currently working on my Final Year Project to earn my Psychology degree. My research title is College Student's Understanding of Physical Activity Recommendation and Its Influence to Physical Activity Pattern.

It's so time consuming to search and read up on previous researches, on top of planning Personal Training clients' exercise programs, training clients and other area aspects of my life, getting only 4 hours of sleep daily since January. This doesn't help in my bulking plan, but I'm keeping myself prepared for any upcoming Taekwondo tournaments. You know, somehow most of the time we are not informed about upcoming Tournaments until 2-3 weeks away from the tournament(s).

Viva to present my proposal is on this coming Friday, after that I'll start executing on data collection from May 2010 onwards.