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Hafidh Al-Jufaily - originally from Muscat, Oman.

First of all, I would like to start my review of Jason by saying thank you for bringing my spirit for workout back to my life. When I met Jason I had a neck and back sever injury that required surgery. I also have an acute long term knee injury. Therefore, all that I wanted initially was to be able to work out properly without pain and stay fit. Of course I also wanted to lose the extra weight that piled up on me through the years of many operations 
Jason, surprisingly, was very understanding. He not only created a workable plan around my needs, but he also made sure to assist me and give me exercises that fit my condition, without degrading the outcomes. 
What I really valued from Jason is that he treats each trainee differently. He understands the needs of his clients and then work on making things fit that particular client, taking into consideration, the client busy schedule, diet, and physical and medical needs. He also makes sure that the exercises are not boring. So he alternate venues, therefore it is not the same work out place or environment every day. He also creates new set of exercises that are exciting and fun to do. Don’t get me wrong when I say fun, the exercises are fun but they bring results. 
I have to admit that I was really happy to work out with Jason. In fact I already lost 12 kilos as we speak. Because I keep doing what he taught me. He really opened up my eyes to how work out safely without aggravating my old injuries. He also showed me stretching and exercise techniques that I will take with me for the rest of my life. My back and neck feels great. I’m able to run for the first time in 18 years. My posture has improved a lot. My health is great and I feel I look better than ever. 
If you want fast and real results with a trainer who understands your needs and who will be with you in every step. Then Jason is the person to hire. He will make sure he earns every dollar you give him by giving you 100%. He always there on time and if not he will call you in advance to reschedule the session. You can rely on him for work out information, he is knowledgeable in that and also fun person to work out with.

Terence Teoh Wee Khang - CEO of Beyond Insights, originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I am a Hemophiliac who went through a total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgery early 2013, to fix the long time issue I've had with my knee and hip due to synovitis. After the surgery I knew I had to work on my physical condition to improve the flexibility of my joints, as well as to build back muscles around my joints that was in a weak state due to muscular dystrophy.  I wasn't happy with what the hospital physiotherapist was doing for me back then so I decided to look for alternatives - and I found Jason Lee.
Having a rather unique condition - I was initially concerned whether Jason can help me effectively and work around the limitations that I have (due to my de-formed joints).  But Jason meticulous enough to study my condition very closely and came up with exercises and work outs that suits my condition.  What I appreciate most was that Jason could come to my house for my training and work with very simple equipments, thus save me the time from traveling and also saving money from expensive equipments that may be of little impact.
I worked with Jason about once a week on average and within 3 months I could see and feel significant difference.  The range of movement for my hip has improved and I no longer need my wife to help me put on socks (yes it was that bad), and my entire upper body is also in much better shape than before.  I would say I am probably in my best of form of physical condition since 16 years old (I am now 40)! 
Jason is meticulous, methodological and at the same time creative in working with his clients to suit their objectives and conditions - I think that takes a lot of experience and wisdom.  I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to improve their physical condition or fitness, because I think Jason can help you achieve your objective in a way that is very effective and feasible.

Tom Lienhart - originally from Germany
I have been trying out gyms for many years but as always, as soon as i have started working out and paying the annual membership fees i have lost interest and stopped. I wanted to work out at least twice a week and needed someone to motivate to stick with it. Jason was a great choice as he has a very professional website and many happy customers who like me are just a bit lazy. 
The results are too many to mention them all. I am a lot fitter and healthier than i have ever been. I am working out with Jason as much as my busy schedule permits and over the last 9 months i have gained weight (one of my goals), increased my personal fitness and became a happier person. I am even considering to participate at a half marathon which i thought i could never do. 
Jason tailors every session to my very own personal need. He pushes me but not too much for me to loose motivation. I have changed my fitness goal after 3 months with Jason from bulking up to general fitness and he made it very easy for me. Now every session is fun and challenging, exactly what i need. Jason is a very friendly and likable trainer who is focusing on changes in my personal environment as well to tailor his approach. It must be the good banter we have while working out. Its like i am working out without realizing it.  
I have tried a few personal trainers and for none i have given a personal reference, this says a lot. I would never recommend someone i am not 100% convinced of. Personal training is a very difficult service to provide as all clients are very different and react differently to the trainers. For me, Jason is the perfect fit. Fun, great knowledge of sport and exercises, demanding and a buddy. I can recommend Jason to anyone who wants to work out but is bound by a demanding work schedule.  
The flexibility and professionalism is one of Jason's key strengths.  

Gaia Chinniah - Marketing Consultant and Sales Specialist, TV Show Host from Auckland, New Zealand
I was looking for a trainer at my convenience in terms of someone coming to train me in my home and to keep me in shape during my 3 months stay in Malaysia. Someone who was going to be effective.  
Jason listened to what I wanted and tailored workouts that suited my physical ability and how I was feeling mentally and emotionally at every session. 
He was able to provide me with workouts that could easily be done anywhere and anytime. I was able to stay in shape and gained strength from training with Jason. He is really a great guy, honest and trustworthy. Also very caring and passionate about what he does.

Dr Erika Reynolds - originally from Cape Town, South Africa.
immediately liked his friendliness and approach to training when I met him.  
There was never an identical set of exercises in the 4 months I trained with him (My contract ended and I had to return to my home country.), he carefully planned every session, he increased cardio exercises when I was getting ready for them. He corrected my movements to make sure I was doing every exercise correctly so I had very good quality training. My strength improved, I got fitter, my posture got better, I also just felt better knowing I was getting some exercise.
He was always on time and was good with communicating and staying in touch. He was courteous to everybody in the gym. 
With Jason one can feel the results, one actually enjoys being in a gym exercising, and knowing one is in good hands.

Suzy Pugh - International School Teacher, originally from Barnsley, England.
My biggest reason for hiring Jason was motivation.  I wanted to lose weight and get myself fit.   
Jason has met and exceeded my expectations.  Not only does he make me exercise by scheduling appointments but he personalises my program to ensure the correct amount of challenge.  Jason spent a lot of time working on my technique so that I am exercising correctly and efficiently.    
Jason has made me interested in exercise again.  I look forward to training and am excited to see what variation Jason will put on my routine.  I feel fitter, healthier and look better.  My shape is changing, I'm losing weight and the journey is only just beginning! 
Jason will help you set realistic targets and then push you to exceed them.  His knowledge of sport, muscle groups and psychological motivation helps to challenge you in an appropriate way.  Whether, like me, you need to start exercising, or are looking to enhance and challenge yourself further Jason is someone I trust and would recommend.