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10 December 2012

Wanna be a Personal Trainer in Kuala Lumpur (KL) ? Part 1

Particularly in Kuala Lumpur only? well ok, maybe it should be Wanna be a Personal Trainer in Malaysia? But whatever. Read on.

I always received emails and messages from people asking for advice how/where should they start a career in the fitness industry. So I thought I'll just write this up and share this page with them the next time I receive similar emails/messages.

11 November 2012

Till then, my friend

I still remember that very day that my ex-manager showed me the Whatsapp message on her Iphone. The message was sent by Bruce to inform our manager that he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, if I can recall that message also said that the cancer cells had spread to his lungs. I was stunned, held my breath for a moment, holding back my tears. It was pretty depressing period for me - I just started being colleagues with him for 1 month plus in the same fitness center, although we've known each other since 2009 through the fitness professional circle. That short period being Bruce's colleague, the interaction, conversation and support we had for each other, just brought us close together.

08 November 2012

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academies in Kuala Lumpur

Somehow I just decided to list them down with little background so others might benefit from this, say someone who is looking for a BJJ school in Malaysia.

06 November 2012

Question on Knee Pain

Since I've not been blogging for quite sometime due to various commitments, I decided to make one of the many questions sent to me as a blog post, I think this topic pretty much deserve it. And before people think I'm a dead personal trainer from not updating my blog, the question goes like this;

30 September 2012

Fat Burner - Worth Or Worst?

I’m often asked about fat burners. I personally tried one bottle of Lipo6 many years ago. I’m not sure whether it was the fat burner or my hard work at the gym, but one thing I can remember clearly was I got high fever for one week, 2 days after I stop consuming my Lipo6. I was consuming Lipo6 on a 4 weeks cycle, that’s half of the recommended 8 weeks cycle.

Let’s try to understand Fat Burner a little better here since I’m writing this for you.

01 August 2012

Are you asking for exercise advice from your doctor?

A study that was recently published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that future doctors in the UK are not taught about exercise. The researcher stresses that it is important for medical students to be taught about exercise to bridge the gap with their training in medicine. This is to allow future doctors to familiarize with exercise recommendations in regards to helping combat diseases that are linked to insufficient exercise.

In my personal experience interacting and having medical doctors as my personal training clients, majority of the doctors I know are not aware about exercise science, or should I even say not qualified to advice their patients on exercise.

You may ask why? Aren’t’ doctors … well doctors? They should know everything when it comes to human condition?

25 June 2012

Training with the 5 Pillars of Movement

When I was a young athlete back in high school I used to train my muscles in isolation manner believing that by strengthening them I would be bigger, stronger and faster. But training without the right knowledge and proper guidance caused dysfunctional kinetic chain which then caused me injury instead.

Later when I became a fitness trainer in my college, I started studying more on how professional athletes train. It turns out that athletes don’t just train muscles in isolation. A good coach will instead train them in functional movement that can be transferred to their sport performance. Regardless of what sports they participate, these 5 functional human movements will be incorporated in their training program.

15 June 2012

Warming-Up - This is How You Do It

Many of my new personal training clients will give me a puzzled look when I stop them from stretching during the warm-up phase of a training session. I personally believed that warming up revolves around running 10 rounds at the soccer field followed by muscles stretching thanks to my physical education lessons in school and training with the school soccer team, the Taekwondo team did the same thing as well.

But why am I stopping my clients from stretching?

02 June 2012

Hard but Short or Long but Soft - What's Your Preference?

The question above is only asked in the context of designing a training program with fat loss in mind. Nothing more and nothing less.

12 May 2012

Fitology - Simple yet Effective Fitness

Early this year a fellow industry mate decided to setup a new fitness establishment by the name of Fitology, with a Fitlosophy of Effective Fitness, Made Simple, delivered via their signature program called Fitology 360 - Fitness, Detoxify, Sports Therapy, Nourishment, all IN ONE.

Here's how it works;

360° fitness programme covers the key elements of physical wellness under one roof:
Step One: Exercise; for cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength
Step Two: Far Infrared Sauna; for detoxification, boosting metabolism and tissue repair
Step Three: Delicious Smoothies; for nourishment
Step Four: Sports Therapy: for flexibility and restoring balance to your musculo-skeletal system

 Source: Fitology

I was honored a trial session of the Fitology 360. Let me share my experience with you.

19 April 2012

Get Fit with Sports, or Get Fit for Sports?

One common advice I always hear people giving to overweight people is You Should Play Some Sports or Go and run. While they are advice given out of good intention for them to lose weight, but if these overweight people were to take up this advice, they are at risk of injury in many ways, due to being physically unconditioned.

02 April 2012

(Guest Post) Fitting In Fitness by David Haas

This post is my blog's first ever guest post entry by David Haas who is member in a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.
Just about everyone knows that physical fitness is good for the body. Fewer people know that it is also good for the mind and soul. Even fewer people know that only 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise is enough to keep them physically fit and reduce their risk of certain types of cancer by as much as 40 percent; this is in addition to their lowered risk of other potential diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. People that are already suffering from cancer, even the rare forms of cancer, such as mesothelioma, can benefit from moderate exercise for 150 minutes each week. 

31 March 2012

My Personal Experience from Interning in a Non-Fitness Related Company - Part 3/3

This post will be my last post on my internship experience segment.

In case you didn't know, the company that I was attached to emphasized highly that their employees have to be physically fit due to the demands and nature of cooperate trainer's job. They actually hire a fitness instructor to conduct a group exercises for them once a week, on top of that most employees engage on their own running routine, which is not good.

26 March 2012

My Personal Experience from Interning in a Non-Fitness Related Company - Part 2/3

During my internship attachment period, one of the most common concerns among my colleagues was about putting on weight. Good thing is they don't just talk, complain and worry about it; they actually take precaution steps to prevent unwanted weight gain by exercising and making a certain choices of food to eat.

Unfortunately, without the right knowledge, some of them are living with misconception that might produce counterproductive results instead. Here are the 4 things I observed;

14 March 2012

My Personal Experience from Interning in a Non-Fitness Related Company - Part 1/3

Consider the following situation; I get into office by 10am, turn on my laptop that's loaned by the company and start doing whatever is given by my supervisor. At about 12pm or sometimes 1pm, I'll go out for lunch with my colleagues. Usual place to eat is hawker center, sometimes in noodle shops (yuck!).

02 March 2012

Experience and Observation during Internship in a Non-Fitness Related Company

One of the requirement to complete my long overdue BA (Hons) Psychology, I was interning in a company that specializes in behavioral and mindset change for organizations. It was for 2 months, started on 3rd Jan 2012 and ended on 29th Feb 2012, this explains the lack of update on this blog. I'm thankful that my chapter at University has finally ended and I can now focus on being a full time fitness professional.

06 February 2012

A Second Chance ...

For those who are unable to stick to their new year's fitness resolution, fret not as here's your second chance for year 2012. You see, In Malaysia we have new year according to the western calendar, which is on 1st January every year. While we also celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year for 15 days, which is ending today. So this is your second chance.