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12 May 2012

Fitology - Simple yet Effective Fitness

Early this year a fellow industry mate decided to setup a new fitness establishment by the name of Fitology, with a Fitlosophy of Effective Fitness, Made Simple, delivered via their signature program called Fitology 360 - Fitness, Detoxify, Sports Therapy, Nourishment, all IN ONE.

Here's how it works;

360° fitness programme covers the key elements of physical wellness under one roof:
Step One: Exercise; for cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength
Step Two: Far Infrared Sauna; for detoxification, boosting metabolism and tissue repair
Step Three: Delicious Smoothies; for nourishment
Step Four: Sports Therapy: for flexibility and restoring balance to your musculo-skeletal system

 Source: Fitology

I was honored a trial session of the Fitology 360. Let me share my experience with you.