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25 June 2012

Training with the 5 Pillars of Movement

When I was a young athlete back in high school I used to train my muscles in isolation manner believing that by strengthening them I would be bigger, stronger and faster. But training without the right knowledge and proper guidance caused dysfunctional kinetic chain which then caused me injury instead.

Later when I became a fitness trainer in my college, I started studying more on how professional athletes train. It turns out that athletes don’t just train muscles in isolation. A good coach will instead train them in functional movement that can be transferred to their sport performance. Regardless of what sports they participate, these 5 functional human movements will be incorporated in their training program.

15 June 2012

Warming-Up - This is How You Do It

Many of my new personal training clients will give me a puzzled look when I stop them from stretching during the warm-up phase of a training session. I personally believed that warming up revolves around running 10 rounds at the soccer field followed by muscles stretching thanks to my physical education lessons in school and training with the school soccer team, the Taekwondo team did the same thing as well.

But why am I stopping my clients from stretching?

02 June 2012

Hard but Short or Long but Soft - What's Your Preference?

The question above is only asked in the context of designing a training program with fat loss in mind. Nothing more and nothing less.