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16 October 2011

Consciously Avoiding Sugar

It started as an experiment for my own body, and I've been avoiding sugar consciously since May this year. Refined sugar to be exact. Basically what I do is not to add a single drop of sugar into my coffee, tea and any other food that I prepare myself. That includes no brown sugar.

And the results has been great, I feel more energetic than I was before.

08 October 2011

Recognition and Accreditation in the Fitness Industry

I randomly posted this photo on my facebook page after realizing that my first fitness qualification as a Certified Fitness Trainer from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) was awarded on 30th August 2008, coincidentally, my Certified Personal Trainer from the Athletic Certification & Training Commision (ACT) was awarded on 30th August 2011. Same date, just different years. A few private message came later asking if ACT is recognized?