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20 March 2011

Working on Final Year Project

I'm sure many of you noticed the inactivity of my blog since December 2010. Reason is because I'm currently working on my Final Year Project to earn my Psychology degree. My research title is College Student's Understanding of Physical Activity Recommendation and Its Influence to Physical Activity Pattern.

It's so time consuming to search and read up on previous researches, on top of planning Personal Training clients' exercise programs, training clients and other area aspects of my life, getting only 4 hours of sleep daily since January. This doesn't help in my bulking plan, but I'm keeping myself prepared for any upcoming Taekwondo tournaments. You know, somehow most of the time we are not informed about upcoming Tournaments until 2-3 weeks away from the tournament(s).

Viva to present my proposal is on this coming Friday, after that I'll start executing on data collection from May 2010 onwards.