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22 September 2010

Resistance Training and Cardio

This post is a continuation from my previous post.

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Doing too much of cardio is bad if you are looking into losing body fat. Our body works in a unique way. When you are doing long – steady cardio (eg: jogging) your body would break down muscle tissues as energy source when they run out of glycogen source from your muscles. Breaking down of muscle tissues would cause metabolism rate to drop due to lesser muscle mass. This is because muscle mass are built and maintained upon calories which are acquired through the food we eat. Therefore your metabolism rate would be higher if you have higher muscle mass.

Then what about strength and resistance training? 
When you do strength and resistance training, microscopic tear takes place in our muscle fibers. And our body response to the microscopic tear is by building more muscles, which depends on calories to be built and maintained. That again, means higher metabolism rate. Oh yeah, for the ladies, you don’t have to worry about building muscles, you won’t end up having big and bulky arms – because you won’t due to the nature of your muscle building chemical content. Even for the men, it takes us discipline, commitment, proper training and diet to get buffed. The ladies would at the most get sexy toned arms like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Beil, which looks more attractive to me - personally.

Now, take note that I mentioned too much of cardio is bad if you are looking into losing fat. I did not say doing cardio is bad. There are lots of benefits from cardio training. Another thing is long-steady cardio can be boring to many people. And if you are one of them who find long-steady cardio boring, try doing short and intense cardio training instead of long-steady cardio. And these short and intense cardio training are done with the equipments I mentioned in my previous post. Watch the videos below to get an idea of it.

Take home message? 
Cardio is not the only thing you should do if you are looking primarily on shredding body fat.

13 September 2010

Home Exercise Equipment(s) That You Should Have

One common question that I’m being asked is about home exercise equipments, or better known as home fitness equipments (blah, whatever you call it.). And the common question would be asked in a way where it revolves around treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical trainer.

I’m not surprised considering how the media portrays or should I say associate these machines with burning fat. And for some cases, the abs shaper even made its way into the list.

When I give my recommendations, they get surprised that it’s not anything that they shortlisted. Instead I suggest to them buying Kettlebells, Dumbbells EZ Curl Bar or Barbells with Weights. They are all resistance exercise equipments, and none of them falls under the cardio machine category

EZ Curl Bar, Kettlebell and a Dumbbell

I'll explain to you why in the next post